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Bersemut Ucapan Aaron Buat Isteri Sempena Anniversary!

Fuh, kreatif dan tangkap leleh lah!



Siapa yang tak kenal kan dengan pelakon kelahiran Singapura Aaron Aziz.

Memiliki badan yang sasa dan wajah tampan, Aaron sememangnya menjadi ‘crush’ kebanyakkan wanita.


Pada 3 Ogos lalu, Aaron dan isterinya Diyana Halik telah menyambut ulangtahun perkahwinan mereka ke-16.

Menerusi laman Instagram miliknya, Aaron berkongsi beberapa keping gambar berserta ucapan romantik yang diambil oleh lirik lagu kegemarannya dan isteri sejak zaman bercinta. Tangkap leleh habis!

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Salam Dar, allow me to share with the world how special you are to me k? When I first saw you it was my very first time acting. Didn’t realize not only was that the beginning of my career but also the beginning of our Jodoh together so I said to myself “ALL OF MY LIFE WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN I WONDER IF I’LL EVER SEE YOU AGAIN”(Lenny Kravitz ‘Again’) Then we became friends and got closer. We talked & talked so much till all I could think of was you and..”IN THE NIGHT I COULD BE HELPLESS I COULD BE LONELY SLIPPING WITHOUT YOU. AND IN THE DAY EVERYTHINGS COMPLEX THERES NOTHING SIMPLE WHEN I’M NOT AROUND YOU..AND I MISS YOU WHEN YOU’RE GONE”..(Cranberries ‘When you’re gone’) But then there was an obstacle in our way and we had to stay apart and we both agreed kalau ada Jodoh tak akan kemana. I said to myself..”ITS NOT SO BAD..YOU’RE ONLY THE BEST I EVER HAD N IF YOU DONT WANT ME BACK YOU’RE JUST THE BEST I EVER HAD”..(Vertical Horizon ‘Grey Sky Morning’)..So I prayed to ALLAH to make you my Jodoh cos “I DONT WANT TO RUN AWAY BUT I CANT TAKE IT I DON’T UNDERSTAND IF IM NOT MADE FOR YOU THEN WHY DOES MY HEART TELLS ME THAT I AM. IS THERE ANY WAY THAT I CAN STAY IN YOUR ARMS”..(Daniel Bedingfield ‘if you’re not the one’) Then ALLAH answered my prayers n you came back to me..”YOU CAN TRY TO RESIST TRY TO HIDE FROM MY KISS BUT YOU KNOW YOU CANT FIGHT THE MOONLIGHT”..(Lee Ann Rimes ‘Can’t fight the moonlight’)…memang betul Kalau dah Jodoh MEMANG tak akan ke mana. Happy 16th Anniversary Dar @diyanahalik those are our songs when we fell for each other. Thank you for everything..couldn’t do it without you Dar. May ALLAH grant us to grow old and grumpy together and reunite us and our 3 beautiful children in HIS highest Jannah.Amin. Love you then Love you still Dar. #HappyAnniversaryAaronandDiyana #AbgEmo #AbgJiwang #Abgromantictak #Abgadatamandalamhati #SebabDiyanadahtanambunga #AbgisLove #AbggiveLove #AbgSCOREGOL!!!!! #Abgsweettapitakpotongkaki #Abgtakmakangulatetapsweet #abgsukehashtag #abghashtag #AbgKingofhashtags

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Menjengah ke IG Diyana pula, beliau turut berkongsi video ‘sweet’ iaitu kompilasi gambar Aaron sejak dari zaman muda sehinggalah mereka berumah tangga berlatarkan muzik dari kumpulan Coldplay.

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I’ve been thinking of what to write and then I saw ur post. MasyaAllah I can never top that heartfelt caption of yours dar. But I thought this short video can express how happy I am to have been given the opportunity by Allah swt to share this life with you. I’m grateful to Allah for giving us the strength to persevere and going through every single obstacles we came across. I’m grateful to Allah for making us choose family over anything. I’m grateful to Allah for letting us gravitate to each other each time we were tested. I am grateful to Allah for giving us the patience to tolerate each other. I am grateful to Allah for filling our hearts with love for geach other. I’m grateful to Allah for sticking us together in time of needs. Im grateful to Allah, I’m grateful to Allah, I’m so so grateful to Allah. Alhamdulilah May Allah always always keep us under his protection, protect us from the evil eye and keep us to the right path. May HE give us a long healthy life for us to care for our children and family. May HE shower us with love and utmost love for HIM and reunite us in Jannah. Ameen Ameen I love u! InshaAllah 16th and many more with u. Ameen @aarondwiaziz

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Wah, relationship goals sangat kan? Happy Anniversary Aaron dan Diyana!

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